Why Install a Disc Golf Course?

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Over the past ten years disc golf has been one of the fastest growing sports in the world and the #1 fastest in the United States. As compared to other activities such as ball fields and playground equipment disc golf courses are inexpensive to install, flow with the terrain, can be installed just about anywhere making it environmentally friendly, and can be a source of revenue. Disc golf is considered a lifetime fitness activity which means it promotes an active lifestyle and helping to prevent obesity from childhood into our senior years. Disc Golf courses can have a positive impact on under utilized and vandalized areas of parks. The sport is inexpensive to play and anyone can start with just one discs that typically costs less then $10. A disc golf course will attract people from other parts of your state and even some from neighboring states. A decent 18 hole course can be built on as little as 12 acres of land, although most championship courses require 20 to 30 acres of land. A single 18 hole disc golf course can be utilized by as many as 90 people at one time. Lastly, most park districts are pleasantly surprised by the voluntarism of disc golfers as local clubs adopt parks as their own.