Why is having a professional designer important?


Truth is anyone even a three year old can design a disc golf course.  However, much like anything created by a three year old it will likely make little sense to most people.  There are many people out there offering free design services, but would you have surgery completed or car fixed by someone off the street who may have little or no experience?  There is nothing worse than a course that constantly has the same throw or that throws over paths and fields.


Designing a course is a combination of art and engineering.  Disc golf courses are all about flow, balance, and safety. Flowing with the land, flowing from hole to hole, flowing around other recreational areas and avoiding them all together. Safety is a key ingredient along with flow to make a course successful. Nobody wants to have a course installed only to find out that discs are constantly invading a playground, walking path, ballfields, or private property. A course designer understands that disc golf is about control and although it may be fun to bomb a disc 500+ feet disc golfers can go do that in an open field. Thus a good course designer is going to find a balance between distance and difficulty, open and confined, up and down, straight, left and right shots.